The return of the leather chair

The return of the leather chair

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If the leather armchairs were less attractive in the interiors and had gradually given way to the fabric armchairs in contemporary lines, the craze for beautiful materials this season signals its great return. We adopt it without delay thanks to our decorating tips.

Leather is back in the decor

This season, the house is enthusiastic about noble materials. Thus, marble but also leather become the new decorative darlings. When winter arrives, we appreciate its warmth again. On the company side, quality takes over and we look again with interest at work and craftsmanship. As a result, leather takes on new horizons like walls, but also remains faithful to classics like the armchair. The result is a warm interior with character, the material of which will be the centerpiece.

Which leather armchair to choose?

The fact that leather is making a comeback in the home doesn't mean that we have to rush to the very classic armchair models. On the contrary, leather does not hesitate to modernize and elegantly blends with a more design style. We can then bet on clean lines and black or white leathers which will play the card of sobriety and which will place themselves right in the graphic trend of the moment. In addition, we also adopt the timeless chic masculine interior where leather is omnipresent with club or chesterfield armchairs. There, we then put on a brown leather, preferably already patinated, which will bring a very warm style to the decor! It's up to you to choose your side!