Discover garden trends with Chlorosphère

Discover garden trends with Chlorosphère

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As there are stylish cabinets that look at the decoration of your interior, some are interested in the garden. We asked Manuel Rucar, a manager at Chlorosphere, a few questions to learn a little more about our gardens.

What is Chlorosphere?

Chlorosphere is the first trend cabinet entirely dedicated to the garden, plants and landscapes. We identify and analyze the main trends in these sectors up to 3 years in advance. We work with the majority of the brands in the garden world and decipher the colors, materials, products and arrangements that will be in tune with the times to offer ever more attractive gardens. Our job is based on a constant observation of consumption and the influences of society, on a scientific analysis of these data and on a permanent confrontation between the dynamics that punctuate styles in the garden and in other sectors of activity: decoration, fashion. , automotive, cosmetics, food ... In short, we act as a sentinel and decode the spirit of the times with a team of experts equipped to capture the slightest emerging signal, whatever it is and wherever it is.

Can we really speak of a trend in the garden?

A decade ago, no. For the past 5 years, individuals have sought to be surprised, are less and less comfortable with the technical codes of garden maintenance and therefore rely more on their desires. Consequently, fashions appear. It is easy to see that in the garden, the colors for example, change a lot from year to year. You can see it especially in the pots. Going further in detail, we will see that gardening tools evolve on the materials that are used or on their ergonomics. The plant varieties exploited are also different. There are really strong fads by periods, like grasses four years ago, dipladenias last year or small palm trees this year. Garden styles are also evolving. The Zen garden is transformed into a lounge garden, the vegetable garden is shaped like a square…

What is today's trend and how does it translate?

For autumn 2013, and we had deciphered it three years ago already, the trend is towards a well-defined garden. After a summer where you have made the most of its exteriors, the mood is in storage. In landscape design, what is done a lot is to lower the levels, that is to say to create living rooms dug in the ground, to install steps, low walls and partitions to define real rooms in the garden. The brazier, a sort of improved campfire, will allow us to crystallize the conviviality around these newly created rooms. The summer thus extends a little in the garden.

What will be the next evolutions of the garden?

Without revealing the secrets of the coming seasons, I can nevertheless tell you about a particular phenomenon that will be quite pronounced: in society in general, just like in the garden, there is a real decline. It can be social, economic, political ... From a stylistic point of view it will be seen by a very marked retro trend. A retro inherited from the 1950s, a post-war, post-crisis retro. Yellow and blue are the two colors that will emerge. You will find enameled pots, vintage furniture, outdoor rugs, macrame and all these archetypes from another time that will make their comeback. To be continued ! Our practical gardening videos