Video: sewing a tab hem

Video: sewing a tab hem

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Would you like to make a hem without seeing any thickness appear in the corner? Jeanne Kolifrat, sewing teacher at "Piquecoud", offers you a simple solution to sew a mitered hem and thus keep a perfectly flat fabric.

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Mark the hem on the news: 739845 fabric

Before starting to sew the hem, you must first trace on the news: 739845 fabric the mark of the hem. To do this, draw in pencil on each side a line parallel to the edge of the actu: 739845 fabric, 5 mm from the edge. This line is called the return, it allows to obtain a hem with sharp edges. Then draw another line parallel to the reentry, 1 cm away from the reentry. It is this line that will constitute the hem. Once the lines are drawn, you must prepare each corner in order to achieve a hem without additional thickness in the corners. Draw the same lines as for the sides, based on the place of the hem in the corner. Cut the angle at an angle. Then fold the hems, starting first with the inside, then the hem. Secure the corners with pins.

Sew tab hem

When the fabric news: 739845 is prepared, install the fabric in the sewing machine. Stitch the entire length, a few millimeters from the hem. You can take a landmark to sew straight. Once the length is sewn, when sewing the angle, remove the pin, but maintain the angle. Raise the foot, leave the needle stuck in the actu: 739845 fabric, then simply turn the actu: 739845 tissue to start again in the right direction. You will get an update: 739845 hemmed and flat fabric. With Jeanne Kolifrat's explanations, your hems gain in elegance and finesse. Watch the video Sew a tab hem on Produced by Minute Facile.