Trend: the fashion vacuum cleaner

Trend: the fashion vacuum cleaner

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When Electrolux's know-how is combined with the trendy look of O.P.I varnishes, this gives an Ergorapido vacuum cleaner which is dressed in three colors of varnish for a fashion look that transforms the vacuum cleaner into a decorative accessory.

New irresistible colors

We already liked the original colors of the Ergorapido by Electrolux but now it goes even further with three new colors that combine with the brand's top varnishes at the top O.P.I. Result: "Muir Muir on the Wall" is a mixture of pink and chocolate for a discreet and elegant style; "Embarca-dare, Ya" a deep and sparkling rose for the most extroverted; "Alcatraz… Rocks" a midnight blue textured with glitter for inventive and offbeat personalities. Each personality has its corresponding color and especially its varnish that you will find with each vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner still as efficient

And it is not because the look of the vacuum cleaner is impeccable that it is less efficient! On the contrary, the Ergorapido is equipped with Brush Roll Clean technology. It is thus bagless, light and ultra handy with a motorized brush and an integrated hand vacuum cleaner which allows precise cleaning. Dust, crumbs, hair and animal hair… nothing can resist it thanks to its front lighting which allows you to track down any dirt. On the autonomy side, count on it for 30 minutes before putting it back in charge on its base which allows it to stand and sit proudly in your room by playing the decorative card. Price 219.90 euros in limited edition> More info on


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