Trend: customize your Ikea furniture

Trend: customize your Ikea furniture

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Customization is in tune with the times, but when it comes to Ikea furniture, it's downright good. True hobby favorite of a whole generation, the transformation of versatile but sturdy furniture changes everything, and allows to realize a very personal decoration. Simply repainted or totally diverted, the Ikea furniture sets the mood.

For sticker addicts

Ikea furniture seems to have been created to be transformed. They lend themselves to the game of stickers all inspirations, from the wisest to the most crazy to play the perfect harmony with the ambient decoration. In fact, very inspired designers were passionate about customizing Ikea furniture and embarked on the design of posters and repositionable stickers, personalized or not. A real success to admire on sites as renowned as Additick and Grippiks.

Perfect furniture for playing transformists

To give new life to used furniture and to warm up the interior atmosphere, nothing like using and abusing printed fabrics, available in a range of breathtaking colors. From the footrest to the sofa bed, each piece of furniture can be fitted with a cover, the advantage of which is to allow instant makeover. The idea is to change your mind every season to play on harmony with the outside temperature. A fresh and light cotton fabric for summer will give way to a soft woolen fabric for winter cocooning evenings. Whether you want a cozy interior, Rock'n'roll or Pop'art, the house of Bemz makes unique and customizable covers adaptable to all Ikea seats and sofas, even the oldest.

Ikea furniture has style

Nothing looks more like an Ikea interior than another Ikea interior? This is not so sure. Sometimes accused of lacking in fantasy, the Scandinavian septuagenarian furniture has ended up proving that it lends itself to transformation like no other. And without flinching. Fun side or class side: everything suits him. Suddenly, each passionate about customization can revamp their living space at a lower cost, letting their fantasy express itself. Two Ikea boxes transformed into an impeccable lacquered row can suddenly take on a much less wise look thanks to a whitewash effect paint, ideal for playing the rustic chic menu. For an urban loft style, a metallic paint is ideal on the Malm dresser, the Billy bookcase, or even office furniture. You can also play the stencil if you have the attention to detail. Finally, another hobby consists of embarking on the diversion of furniture. Out of inspiration? The Ikea Hackers site is to be visited without delay.

Contrasts and light

Sometimes it takes few resources to revive a sad interior or simply break with globalization. Transforming Billy into a partition allows you to create a small additional room. To flood this new space with light, simply replace the bottom of the shelf with a transparent plexiglass plate. All that remains is to place the Malm tempered glass top on repainted Oddvald-type trestles to obtain a chic industrial-style desk, then to associate an Ikea Poäng chair with it. A successful little Zen corner where all that remains is to create a green wall. Our practical decoration videos