Video creation of jewelry: chain mail

Video creation of jewelry: chain mail

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Do you dream of filling your jewelry box without breaking the bank? Rachik Soussi teaches you how to mount a chainmail to make original and timeless jewelry.

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Create chain mail: step by step

To create a chainmail, no need for a lot of material: small metal rings and pliers are enough. First, get a ring with pliers, and close it on itself. Then take a second ring, and add it to the first. To obtain a good base, repeat the operation with 4 rings. Crush these rings, and link them together using a fifth ring. You must get an effect where one ring supports two, and the second supports only one. Repeat until you reach the desired length.

Create a chainmail: make the jewelry you dream of

Once your chainmail is up, you just have to make the jewelry that makes you want. You can thus cut out small pieces of your chainmail in order to make earrings, or even keep the entire length to make a charming bracelet. All jewelry can be made using a chain mail. By following the advice of Rachik Soussi, you will soon wear the most beautiful jewelry. Find the video Creation of jewelry: a chain mail on Produced by Minute Facile.


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