Sewing video: backstitching

Sewing video: backstitching

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Would you like to learn how to sew a solid stitch? Do you want to assemble the sleeves of one of your confections efficiently and durably? Laurent Lachèze, co-founder of Bobines et Combines, explains how to: 737313 take a step back.

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Sew with a news item: 737395 back stitch

To make a news item: 737395 back stitch, start by threading a thread of sufficient length and color close to that of your item in the needle. To more easily thread the thread into the needle, always insert the end you just cut, that which belongs to the side of the spool, into the eye. Stitch the news: 739845 fabric from the back, then make a regular stitch, before retracing your steps by making a stitch in half the space of the first stitch. You will get a sharp and regular stitch at the front and a cross stitch at the back. When you are finished, prick the needle at the back, then thread the thread around the needle three times before pulling to make a knot.

Learn more about the news: 737395 point back

Actu: 737395 back stitch is used to assemble fabrics that require special strength, such as mounting sleeves or assembling a skirt. The news: 737395 back stitch is particularly solid and resistant, which is why it is used in delicate situations with the sewing machine. For a clean finish and in place, always finish your seams with an iron passage. Thanks to the advice of Laurent Lachèze, forward, the news: 737395 back! Watch the Couture video: take a look back at Produced by Minute Facile.