Video: a chic and magical Christmas centerpiece

Video: a chic and magical Christmas centerpiece

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No need to go broke to make a Christmas centerpiece as chic as it is magical! The fishing for creative ideas begins on video, between gold leaf, crystal pearls and wooden garlands ... Be careful, there is something to be amazed!

Watch the video :

First step: create the decorative centerpiece

- Fill a pretty transparent vase with small hydrated crystal pearls, nod to the December snowflakes - Bomb a bare branch with strong glue to create precious foliage with gold leaf, then sublimated with '' a garland of wooden pellets

Step two: set the table

- Choose an immaculate, soft and cottony white tablecloth - Reinforce the chic nature spirit with bright oak-colored plates, enhanced by a second series of white, more graphic plates - Have elegant transparent glasses - Run from one side to the other of the table, a beautiful garland of fir trees made of tree bark - Then place the centerpiece eccentrically so as not to obstruct the view of the guests - Perfect the set using retro plates with golden patterns, with a table runner made of gold nuggets or with a duo of white candlesticks that have multiplied the majestic rendering of the decor - Finally, light the candles, then let the magic of Christmas operate… The decor idea: instead of a centerpiece, you can opt for the idea of ​​a branch covered with gold leaf, ceiling decoration which would overhang the festive table… Shopping: Pearl flat plates, ALINEA Alibaba flat plates, ALINEA Aryd candle holders, IKEA Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi