The Rolls of foie gras knives is a Porsche

The Rolls of foie gras knives is a Porsche

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Usually I'm cool, maybe not as much as Fonzie but I defend myself anyway. In cooking, for example, I will never criticize your dishes or the way you do things. Everyone has their own kind of kitchen. All that to say that you can receive me with butter noodles, I will not be offended. On the other hand, do not serve them in the pan because there my old France side would risk resurfacing. Yes, the serving dishes are made for pigs? Be careful, I can transform myself into the incredible Nadine de Rothschild and believe me, it's scary! Of course, I don't ask for small dishes in large ones. But at least the little ones! And it's the same for knives elsewhere! I'm not very flexible about this: a smoked salmon is cut with a salmon knife and the bread with a bread knife. We cannot say that the protocol is very complicated, the bread knife for the bread and the salmon knife for the salmon. Based on this principle, we can deduce that the foie gras is cut with a knife… with foie gras. Here ! Well done ! You understood. And what does it change? you will tell me. Well, it's very simple: this knife is often "hollowed out". This avoids that lonely moment when the foie gras sticks so tightly to the knife that you have to shake it until it pitifully falls on the plate. The holes in the blade of the foie gras knife prevent such accidents and make you an elegant and knowledgeable person.
Now that you understand the essential side of this knife, do not panic if you do not already have one: here is one that is right for you! The Rolls of foie gras knives, or should I say the Porsche of foie gras knives. Yes, because Chroma France, the specialist in Japanese knives in France, launched the type 301 range, a range of knives which was designed by the F.A. Porsche studio! Foie gras knife Type 301 Porsche, 16.5 cm, P37FG (€ 69)


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