I have to redo my plumbing

I have to redo my plumbing

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Except disaster to be treated urgently, when one lives for a long time in the same house or the same apartment, one does not necessarily have the glance to detect a defective plumbing. And yet it is important to know the telltale signs of poor plumbing. It is also necessary to question the materials to be used and to find out about any financial aid to carry out this work. Find more articles on the theme: Plumbing works quotes

When should you consider redoing your plumbing?

Whether in your own home or in the one you visit for a purchase, you must ask yourself the right questions about the state of the plumbing. The appearance of certain signs is enough to know that such a repair is necessary: ​​traces of humidity everywhere, radiators in poor condition, rust on the pipes or welds completely detached. Neglecting such signs can lead to the occurrence of disasters such as flooding, infiltration and water damage not only at home but also among neighbors when you live in an apartment.

Recommended types of materials

If copper is widely used for plumbing work because of its anti-corrosion qualities and its resistance to high pressures, this material tends to be replaced by another, more modern, PVC, which is easier to install. However, the flow of water in PVC pipes is noisier than in copper pipes and, if the temperature changes, PVC expands. Today, the PER is used more and more. Also easy to install, it is recommended for everything that is built in and shows great resistance to limescale. On the budget side, PER is the cheapest of the three materials, the other two having fairly similar costs.

Can you ask for financial assistance to redo your plumbing and to whom?

Whether you own or rent your home, you can, if you are a recipient of a Family Allowance Fund, apply for a loan from this organization. This will never exceed 1000 euros but may be lower. It is reimbursable over a maximum of 3 years. As part of the work to improve housing, pension funds can financially assist retirees who meet certain conditions: the work must be carried out in their main accommodation and their resources must not exceed a certain amount. To find out if you can get help, you must submit a file to the Center for the Protection, Improvement, Conservation and Transformation of the habitat in your department and never start work before having obtained a response this organism.


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