Small appliances: the all-in-one takes over the kitchen

Small appliances: the all-in-one takes over the kitchen

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In the kitchen, a new kind of household appliance is born. We forget the multitude of culinary devices in favor of several functions combined in a single accessory. The key: practicality, space saving and balance. Zoom on three devices that promote the all-in-one.

Cookeo: the new generation casserole dish

Launched in 2012, Cookeo de Moulinex is an interactive and intelligent multicooker which aims to simplify everyday cooking with a device that combines 6 cooking functions (browning, simmering, gentle cooking, pressure cooking, steaming and reheating ). You only need this device to make recipes that are integrated into the device so that it guides you step by step.

Kitchen Companion: the most complete robot

Still at Moulinex, Cuisine Companion goes further by offering a complete robot cooker to cut, prepare and cook all dishes from starter to dessert. Six automatic programs allow you to make creamy sauces, steam, make soups, simmer, prepare pastries and other desserts. And to help you get started, the device is offered with an inspiration book that presents 300 recipes to make. The "plus": it is made in France.

Cooking Chef: the ally of pastry

Versatile robot cooker signed Kenwood, the Cooking Chef dedusts the pastry robot by offering it more cooking while mixing. He offers a pastry kit which allows you to make breads, brioches and desserts as in a baker's kneader. Savory recipes will not be outdone with the possibility of making simmered dishes, risottos, scrambled eggs and other delicacies that will accompany you day after day.

DéliMix: everyday cooking

At Siméo, the multi-function cooking robot is called Délimix. This everyday advantage allows you to simmer, boil, steam, and cook gently. Among its other functions, it mixes, chops, emulsifies and kneads to be a complete robot that allows you to make easy recipes from starter to dessert.