Divert objects for a beautiful table decoration

Divert objects for a beautiful table decoration

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To create an original table, all it takes is a little creativity! No need to invest in new accessories, one watchword: recover and divert for a unique style. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

A recovered tablecloth

You only have a classic white tablecloth and you want to change a little? Without offering you a new tablecloth, you can completely recover another textile from the house in order to install it on the table. You can then offer you an original style with a faux fur or wool plaid for example which will be ideal for a winter table. Also think of old sheets that you can dye for an original creation, why not tie and dye for a trendy look.

Misappropriated accessories

To decorate your table, you will have to dig into your cupboards! Stem glasses can turn into candle jars or a floor servant can take the place of a centerpiece where you will have flowers. You don't have a servant? Turn over a stemmed glass and arrange over a plate and voila!

Decorative items to collect

Then, do not hesitate to take a little walk in nature to find decorations that will cost you nothing at all and that will allow you to refine your decor. We pick up a few pine cones, pretty leaves or a bouquet of wild flowers depending on the season. You will get a very decorative table at a very low price.