How to pass an antenna wire in a wall?

How to pass an antenna wire in a wall?

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Answer: drill a hole in a wall with an impact drill with a concrete drill.

To avoid running the antenna wire everywhere in the home, do not hesitate to pierce your walls. Depending on the material of which the wall is made, you will need a more or less powerful drill. Opt for an 800 watt impact drill, just to be prepared for any eventuality. Then you have to choose the right drill: a wood drill bit for drilling wood, a concrete drill bit for drilling brick, concrete or stone. The drill should be slightly larger in diameter than the antenna wire and the dowel that will be inserted into the hole. Mark the location where you want to make the hole, and start drilling very slowly at first, then gradually increase the speed. Remember to wear protective glasses in case, and cover nearby furniture because of dust. video id = "0" / Our practical DIY videos