Video: tip for filling a screw hole

Video: tip for filling a screw hole

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How to fix an overly early hole drilling? You have just noticed that the dowel is too small compared to the hole you have just drilled in the wall ... You have used a drill bit that is too wide and your dowel is not properly wedged ... Geoffroy de Menou, director of the G2M Services company, gives you its tip to fill a screw hole.

Watch the video :Solutions to fill a too large screw hole Once the hole is drilled, it is imperative to be able to place the installation provided, under penalty of leaving a gaping and unsightly hole on the wall. To partially plug a screw hole that is too large, without filling it completely, you can use two tips: either a piece of wood, or a second dowel cut in half.Lock the dowel in the hole too large To keep the dowel in the hole too large, have a second dowel. Cut this second dowel in half, vertically, using scissors or wire cutters. Then position this half of ankle along the first ankle, then insert these two pieces simultaneously into the hole. Hammer these two dowels in with a hammer. If you feel that the dowel is not yet properly fixed, you can of course proceed in the same way by adding the second half of the cut dowel. By following this tip, you will be able to use your ankle in the usual way, without leaving an unused hole in the wall. Thanks to the good advice of Geoffroy de Menou, fix your ankles in any situation, even when the drilled hole is too wide. Find the video Tip to fill a screw hole on Produced by Minute Facile.


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