Video: pruning flowering shrubs

Video: pruning flowering shrubs

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Inside and outside of your home, you certainly have some flowering shrubs that adorn your spaces. Viburnums, brooms, lilacs, they can bloom at different times of the year, but they all require an annual size in order to develop properly over the seasons. Guy Tournellec, gardening trainer, reveals some tips for pruning your shrubs in the best possible way. Discover them on video.

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The branches to be pruned

In general, shrubs that bloom in spring like forsythia bloom on branches one or two years old. Beyond that, they no longer flower and therefore become useless. Thus, it is advisable to prune these branches immediately after their first or second flowering, in order to allow new shoots to make flowers the following year. To do this, use a pruning shears that you have previously disinfected, so as not to carry any disease. Most plants that bloom in the spring have branches that start from the bottom of the trunk. After one or two years, they must be cut at their base, after flowering. As for the plants which bloom in summer, they must be pruned at the end of winter.

The example of eucalyptus

This is for example the case of eucalyptus, which is no exception to this rule. To know how high to prune it, you just have to locate the place from which you can no longer see through your shrub. Cut off anything beyond this mark. Always cut the branches above a leaf for better healing. It is also advisable to prune the longer strong branches, and the shorter weak branches. By following these few tips, the eucalyptus will react by making new shoots, and the fruits will spread over all the branches.

The freeze

Note that after a very cold winter, it is important to check if some branches are dead. To do this, lightly scrape the bark from the branch. If the latter is green, the wood has not frozen. You now have all the keys to maintaining flowering shrubs. By following these few tips, you will stimulate the flowering of your plants, and your spaces will only be more welcoming and warm! Find Tips for pruning shrubs on Produced by Minute Facile.


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