Tutorial: making paper flowers

Tutorial: making paper flowers

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DIY, cooking, illustration, Anne-Laure is a real Swiss army knife! For 2 years, this graphic designer from Bordeaux has shared her talents and her favorites on her blog Bonjour Darling. Today, she offers us a poetic and spring tutorial: a bouquet of paper flowers for a delicate and timeless decoration.


To make this tutorial, you need: - a roll of tissue paper (here white, but you can also mix several colors) - wooden skewers - a pair of scissors - a ruler - wire - from a vase or jar


1. We start by cutting 6 squares of 15x15cm for small flowers, and 20x20cm for large ones.
2. Fold the sheets in an accordion (you can stack them to fold them all at once).
3. Tie the middle of your accordion to the baton with the thread.
4. Cut a round at each end and unfold the accordion.
5. One by one, raise the leaves.


Repeat for all the flowers, place them in a vase or in a jar and ... Tadam! An adorable bouquet, 100 times prettier than artificial flowers, and a light and original decoration!

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