3 Gossip Girl decorative places to discover in New York

3 Gossip Girl decorative places to discover in New York

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The Gossip Girl series is inseparable from the city of New York. And making a stopover in the big apple is like going to the side of the screen provided you know the addresses of the emblematic places of the series. The editorial staff gives you their little travel notebook with three very decorative addresses.

The Palace Hotel

In the series, the Palace is an essential place! Not only do many parties take place in this very luxurious hotel, it is also the place where the Van der Woodsen family resides. Recognizable by its stone facade, this hotel is a luxury setting in the center of Manhattan since it is located on the famous Madison Avenue. And if the rooms are a bit expensive, you can have a drink at the hotel and enjoy the terrace which opens onto the bustle of the city. Address: 455 Madison Avenue, New York
Photo credit: Palace Hotel

The Empire Hotel

Very close to Central Park, the Empire Hotel is owned by Chuck Bass who lives in a suite. Again, it is the scene of many prestigious parties of New York high society but it is also the place where Chuck and Blair make and break their love story. Landmark for all the characters in the series, many conspiracies were born between its walls. Our advice: enjoy a drink on the rooftop. Address: 44 West 63rd Street, New York
Photo credit: Empire Hotel

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The "Met" is one of the largest art museums in the world but it is also on the monumental steps of this museum that the girls of Gossip Girl take their lunch during their high school years. Here, power struggle and friendly secrets are played out and make the marches an emblematic place of the series. For fans of the series: a lunch at the foot of the museum is essential! Address: 1000 5th Avenue, New York
Photo credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (c) Evan Lee Our practical dining room decoration videos