Protect the house from frost

Protect the house from frost

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During periods of extreme cold, frost can cause significant damage to the home, which can damage the structure of the house. This generally results in repairs that can weigh heavily on the budget. Alternative solutions, hunting against water infiltration, fight against heat loss thanks to an effective thermal insulation allow to effectively protect the house from frost.

Beware of auxiliary heaters

During a harsh winter, it can be dangerous to use excessive backup heat. This can indeed cause carbon monoxide poisoning. And we think, wrongly, that this heating system can protect the house from freezing. To avoid damage caused by the cold, especially in old dwellings, it is therefore better to opt for efficient, secure and economical solutions.

Insulate doors and windows well

The strengthening of doors and windows makes them waterproof against the cold outside. Of course, if the replacement of these elements is not planned for financial reasons, there is however the possibility of improving the quality of their insulation. To do this, you can stick an insulating film on all the windows of the house. And to optimize the watertightness of the joinery, it suffices to install joints between the leaves. When the doors and windows are closed, these seals will shield the icy air currents. Finally, it is also useful to install insulating blinds or to swap wispy curtains for curtains made of a thick fabric such as velvet. While playing a role of screen against the cold, they will add a decorative and warm touch to the habitat.

Wall and roof insulation

In anticipation of extreme cold, it may be wise to review the insulation of the walls and roof of the house. Certainly this can represent a cost, but it will quickly be offset by better comfort inside the home. The house will be protected against frost. For the walls, the thermal insulation is made from the outside. Today, professionals use perfectly insulating wood fibers. A very effective solution to double with insulation of interior walls for a total reduction of thermal bridges. Heat loss can be avoided if you also agree to insulate the attic and roof well. This solution makes it possible to fight effectively against humidity infiltration and cold penetration. We don't hesitate for a second and we offer an insulating screen of wood fiber under roofing as well as an insulation to spray on the floor of the attic. With such remedies, the explosion of pipes due to frost will no longer be feared.

Limit thermal bridges

It will be understood, better insulation of the house allows to limit the number of thermal bridges. This is how the breaking points of the insulating barrier are called: a phenomenon that is encountered in any type of construction and which increases over the years. The materials of yesterday have suffered the ravages of time and their thermal resistance has changed. These thermal bridges can be linear, structural or punctual. Whoever they are, they are the source of great energy loss and serious humidity problems. By taking the insulation of the house seriously to protect it from frost, the impact will be economic and ecological. Waste of energy will be over. Our practical entrance decoration videos


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