Chic country table decor for convivial meals

Chic country table decor for convivial meals

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With the cold that persists, the desires for table decoration are still warm and aspire to offer a certain conviviality to our meals. So while waiting for spring and to change winter and mountain themes, we opt for a chic country table decor with a few well-chosen accessories.

Natural table linen

To offer a beautiful base to your table decor, play the raw card by betting on natural table linen with linen or hemp tablecloths which you will choose in colors like beige, gray or brown. Furthermore, if you have a raw wood table, do not hide it with a tablecloth but prefer a table runner or simply place mats that will allow the wood to appear.

Simple dishes

For a chic country atmosphere, there is no need to take out your most beautiful dishes because on the contrary, simplicity will be the recipe in this case. You can then bet on retro-inspired dishes with metal plates or goblets as a glass or canteen glasses. To stick to your decor, do not hesitate to choose plates with a mat finish that will match better than a glossy finish. Plain dishes will be fine, but if you want patterns, choose tiles or patterns that remind of farm animals with chickens, for example.

Rustic accessories

And so that the decor is complete, we put on accessories of rustic inspiration with cutting boards to present the different dishes, small baskets for bread or even cutlery. Choose napkins with tiles for example that you will place in wooden napkin rings for the authentic spirit.