I discover the technique of scrapbooking

I discover the technique of scrapbooking

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Scrapbooking is the art of highlighting photos that are so many precious memories of your life: birthdays, weddings, births or more simply memories of holidays and moments of sharing in your daily family life… In short, Scrapbooking is designing a photo album from the decorated pages that you are going to create and which will stage the most beautiful moments of your life ... And we must admit that at the time of all digital, browse, with family , beautiful photo albums that tell your story is an undeniable pleasure!

Some tips to get started

A beautiful project certainly, but when you start, you don't always know how to go about it! Don't panic, with a few basic principles to get you started and a minimum of material, you should be able to proudly make your first pages! First select the photo (s) you want to highlight, and choose your papers based on them (make a nice assortment of colors). To facilitate the realization of your first creation, base yourself on a sketch, that is to say a ready-made layout, and tutorials of easy achievements. Also choose the title of your page (what we call journaling in jargon), it can be just a word or a quote ... Finally have papers, photos, embellishments on your page but only paste this when you are happy (e) overall rendering!

Scrapbooking with what material?

In terms of material, today you have an infinite choice, enough to lose your mind, so make it simple: to start well, you will only need pretty papers and a few embellishments matching the theme of your page (theme to which you will have thought about it beforehand), scissors, glue and enough to write your title (markers, stickers or stamps…) There are also today many ready-to-use scrapbooking kits, very practical for beginners!