Bed linen for a teenage bedroom

Bed linen for a teenage bedroom

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Teenagers love above all a decoration that reveals their personality and this also requires suitable bed linen. Urban style, pop art or simpler patterns like stripes ideally find their place in their room. Here are some ideas to adopt the right duvet cover and the right cushions in their living space.

Urban style bed linen

If your teen likes the urban style, you can without hesitation adopt it in total look in their bedroom. As for bed linen, go for duvet covers that remind you of New York or London, with flagship inscriptions and colors like black and yellow or blue, red and white. To accentuate the decor, bet on cushions with the designs of New York taxis and buildings or red London buses.

Pop art bed linen

If the pop art style is all the rage in our interiors, it is also and above all a sure bet in a teenage bedroom. To help you adopt it without lack of taste, we advise you to opt for a duvet cover with colorful portraits of Marilyn Monroe inspired by the works of the famous Andy Warhol. For a more playful touch, you can also bet on diverted versions of these portraits with a dog photo or even a photo of you on a customizable cushion.

Striped bed linen

In a more sober teen bedroom, stripes are all found for bed linen. Opt for original models with lines that seem drawn in pencil or on large colored stripes that become the note of good humor in the room. Our practical teen bedroom videos