Video: make a card holder

Video: make a card holder

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You no longer know what to do with your business cards or your credit cards that get lost in your wallet? Thanks to the original ideas of Rebecca Gillot, you will soon be able to make a very practical card holder.

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Make a card holder: news preparation: 739845 fabric

Choose two actu rectangles: 739845 12 x 28 cm fabric, and place them one on top of the other, right sides together. Pin at the top and bottom, then sew in the sewing machine one side then the other, leaving a small opening on the latter. Then remove the pins, once your fabrics are sewn together. Use an iron to open the seams you have made.

Making a card holder: pockets and finishes

To make the pockets of your card holder, Rebecca offers you a sheath mounting, with a stitching inside that cannot be seen. Fold your fabrics inside, right sides together and at the seam, lay flat and measure approx. 6 cm for the pocket. Fold over and pin again. Do the same on the other side for the second pocket, and measure 14 cm, before stitching 1 cm from the edge. Go to the sewing machine. Remove the pins, and turn everything over thanks to the opening left at the start. Your card holder is, at this time, fully reversible. Iron, then close your opening to the news: 737337 invisible slip point. For this, take the two thicknesses, and sew from the inside, without going out. Rebecca Gillot's card holder is ready to accept your credit cards! Watch the video Making a sheath card holder on Produced by Minute Facile.