Mimi'lou, the decor for little ones

Mimi'lou, the decor for little ones

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Mimi'lou has become the inescapable brand of decoration for children. The range of products for the little ones never stops growing, to the delight of the whole family. Playful, colorful, tender and poetic, each drawing is a real pleasure. Between cuddly toys, stickers, cushions or even bed linen, decorating the child's room is only fun thanks to Mimi'lou. A brand born of pure chance and which seduces us every day.

Birth of Mimi'lou

The Mimi'lou brand was created in 2005 under the aegis of Miriam Derville. Artistic director of German origin working with major luxury brands, is also an attentive mother who likes to draw on the walls of the bedroom to entertain her toddlers. Colorful and touching, expressive and amazing animal drawings that appeal to young and old alike. Miriam then thinks of carrying out this type of illustration on an adhesive support in order to be able to reposition each drawing at will.

Photo credits: Mimi'lou Mimi'lou was born from this brilliant idea and first of all offers stickers, garland kits, transfers for textiles. But the brand is increasingly attracting and enriching its range with, among other items, lamps, stationery, bags and baskets, cushions and of course cuddly toys.
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Mimi'lou is the world of childhood

Whether for a birth gift or simply decorating the world of little ones, Mimi'lou is a must. The graphics, as tender and poetic as funny, are real companions at all times. At game or nap time, the little world of Mimi'lou - imaginative and enchanting - brings dreams to life. To decorate a child's room, Mimi Lou stickers, real trompe-l'oeil, are fabulous. Easy to move because they can be repositioned ad infinitum, they are easily placed on all surfaces. The child can move them himself according to his imagination. Playful, Mimi'lou wall games are also essential for learning while having fun: placing countries on a map, knowing the capitals of the world, feeding the animals of the forest, or learning about fashion are all d activities that develop children's imaginations.
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A beautifully illustrated decor

Mimi'lou is a must-have brand that many magazines talk about. No wonder that because Mimi'lou is ultra trendy and supports children from their very first days: parents and grandparents fall for the Mimi'lou baby book whose illustrator is none other than Miriam Derville. This delightfully illustrated work is precious because it accompanies the first months of Baby. He shelters his first photos like the numerous annotations of the happy parents. And so that children's dreams are bathed in sweetness, duvet covers and pillowcases are adorned with small endearing subjects. The stories they tell are full of poetry thanks to the sensitivity of Miriam Derville. The Mimi'lou collections immerse all generations in the world of childhood. Perhaps therein lies the secret of the brand's success, entirely devoted to decorating the little ones.
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