Video: make a liberty bracelet

Video: make a liberty bracelet

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In a few minutes, Marie Gonand, an expert in jewelry creation, will show you how to make a charming little Liberty bracelet. Fasteners, a piece of news: 739845 fabric and voila: your wrist has never looked so good.

Watch the video :

Make a Liberty bracelet: put the clasp

Marie Gonand, through her company, provides you with kits for Liberty bracelets. All you have to do is choose your news: 739845 fabric, as well as the charm you will put on it. To apply your clasp, start by taking your bias in the act: 739845 fabric in the left hand, then put the ribbon holder in abutment using flat pliers, and press the first time. Turn and press again. Perform the same operation at the other end of your bias in actu: 739845 fabric. Open the rings with pliers, and slide the clasp before closing the ring. Same thing on the other side of the bracelet.

Make a Liberty bracelet: add a charm

At this stage, your Liberty bracelet is almost finished, you just have to put the charm that makes you want. Open a ring, fold your actu bias: 739845 fabric in half, and slide the ring. Place your charm in the already installed ring, then close it again, still using your pliers. Your bracelet is finally finished, you just have to put it around your wrist to admire the final result. Thank you to Marie Gonand and her kits that embellish your outfits. Watch the video Making a Liberty bracelet on Produced by Minute Facile.


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