Ecological cleaning: baking soda

Ecological cleaning: baking soda

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Baking soda for scouring

The baking soda is an excellent cleaning product that can be used for various surfaces in the home. To scour and detach modern surfaces for example (kitchen or bathroom worktop, dining table, coffee table in the living room, etc.) we can use baking soda diluted in a very little water hot, rubbing gently before rinsing well then wiping with a dry cloth. Dirt and stains will not resist!

Baking soda can also be used in the form of a paste, to clean the dirty walls of an oven. To do this, simply mix in a bowl of water and baking soda until a more or less solid dough is obtained, and apply this dough to the critical areas of the oven (grime, deposits, etc.), then leave for a few hours before rubbing with a damp cloth, rinse and dry.

Baking soda for cleaning carpets and rugs

Clean a rug or carpet stains always represent a real headache in a house… Fortunately, thanks to baking soda, there is a solution to clean them quickly and efficiently without any effort. You just have to sprinkle the carpet or carpet with baking soda (dirty and / or stained areas, if not the entire surface), rub, then leave to act for at least 30 minutes. Finally, to remove the baking soda, a simple vacuum and hop, carpets and rugs will be like new!

Baking soda to shine and remove lime from taps

Limestone is the number 1 enemy in bathrooms and kitchens. Fortunately, again, baking soda can be a great ally in getting rid of it. Indeed, for descaling and make the taps shine in 2 stages 3 movements, it is enough to mix in a bowl of baking soda, a little water and a little White vinegar so as to create a paste. Then, place the dough on the taps, then leave to act for a few minutes before rubbing and then rinsing. The deposits of limestone then will only be distant memories, and the fittings will shine brightly!

Good to know : this tip does not only work with taps, but also sinks, sinks and any other piece of furniture that can be affected by limescale!

Baking soda to deodorize

Another interesting feature of baking soda is that it is ideal for absorb bad odors all over the house. You can for example sprinkle bicarbonate in the toilet, leave to act and flush the toilet to eliminate bad odors in the toilet.

It can also make it possible to deodorize most spaces presenting undesirable odors such as the refrigerator by placing a cup of bicarbonate inside, in the dishwasher by sprinkling it on the dishes before starting the program, in the trash can by placing a little powder at the bottom or on the carpets in the same way as for cleaning them.
The baking soda in deodorant mode also works for shoes, coolers, cars, cellars or other recesses of the house which can present suspicious or unpleasant odors!