Does the thermostatic radiator really lower the bill?

Does the thermostatic radiator really lower the bill?

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Regulate the room temperature

Heating savings are possible when we are able to control the ambient temperature of each room in a home. In this regard, the Building Code in force has established that the temperature to be maintained in the bedroom must be 16 or 17 ° C and 19 ° C in the other rooms of the house. Letting the thermostat climb to 22 ° C leads to an expense far above reasonable and it is not very environmentally friendly either. In addition, living in an overheated universe is not desirable to stay healthy. For all these reasons, the radiator with thermostatic tap is widely recommended.

An advantageous heating system

Installing a thermostatic valve on the central heating radiators makes it easy to obtain tailor-made comfort, perfectly adjustable. The purpose of each tap is to precisely regulate the temperature that one wishes to obtain in each room, independently of the others. To optimize this judicious system, the ideal is to opt for programmable thermostatic valves in order to define in advance the time periods during which one wishes to increase or decrease the temperature of a room.

Judicious operation

Placed at the start of each radiator connected to a central heating circuit, the thermostatic valve is fitted with a valve and a head which contains a bulb and a handwheel. It is very easy to install and its use presents no difficulty since it suffices to adjust it to the desired degree. It reacts according to the ambient temperature. Indeed, it takes into account several surrounding factors such as the radiation of the sun, the presence of people in a room but also bulky electrical devices in operation which bring their share of calories. Thus, it limits the risks of unnecessary overheating. Similarly, the thermostatic valve installed on a radiator prevents the room from cooling excessively.

A precise system for a real savings

Some thermostatic valves are equipped with a mechanical head, others with an electronic head. The first are the simplest, non-programmable. Generally graduated from 0 to 5, they also allow you to choose the frost-free position. The second, real room thermostats, are more elaborate since in addition to offering the same advantages as the mechanical head valve, they are programmable by the hour and by the week. Configurable from the head or using a USB key, an electronic thermostatic radiator head is ideal for establishing the profile of each room as required. True precision device, it can be adjusted to the nearest half degree. The result on the bill is not expected, since annual heating costs are reduced on average by 20%.