How to maintain a tiled roof?

How to maintain a tiled roof?

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Answer: Clean the tiles with a stiff brush and a high-pressure cleaner, then spray the roof with algaecide and anti-foam.

You can clean your tiled roof yourself, provided that it is easy to access using a ladder and that it is not too steep. Otherwise, it would probably be better to call a professional roofer for more security. It is advisable to clean the roof once a year, in particular to remove stains, moss and plants. For this, you can simply use a hard brush and scrub, but this method is long and exhausting. Ideally, use a pressure washer, being careful not to lift the tiles inadvertently because of the pressure of the jet ... To prevent the return of stains or foam, consider spraying the roof with algaecide and anti-foam, just after cleaning. Take advantage of it while you are at it to replace the cracked or damaged tiles, this will avoid water damage. Building a green wall Our practical garden videos


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