Tuto kids: a butterfly mobile

Tuto kids: a butterfly mobile

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A new tutorial from Hélène, from blog 848, who had already offered us a super DIY to customize her cooking jars. Today, we find it to make a romantic mobile for a little girl's room.


You will need: - a wooden embroidery hoop 30cm in diameter - golden acrylic paint - a small paintbrush - a butterfly hole punch - white pearly paper - small transparent pearls - white thread - nylon thread - a needle - two tulle ribbons 70cm long and one 30cm


1. Start by painting your wooden circle with the golden paint and then hang bits of white wire on the circle, so as to draw a radius, as in this diagram.
2. Cut out the butterflies in the pearly paper (I used a hole punch, but you can also make them using a stencil, it's just a little longer).
3. Take a 40 cm nylon thread and tie a pearl at one end.
4. Thread a butterfly on the pearl, trying to pierce it in the center.
5. Thread and tie a second bead about 5 cm from the butterfly.
6. Pass a second butterfly through the thread and bring it down to the pearl.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have six butterflies on your thread. Attach this garland of butterflies to the center of the mobile.
8. Make eight garlands of 35cm with five butterflies, and eight garlands of about 30cm with four butterflies. Then tie them on the mobile by distributing them according to the diagram below.


You just have to tie the two large tulle ribbons to the wooden circle, so that they cross in the center, and tie them with the third ribbon, making a pretty knot. News: 739825 ceiling hook to hang your mobile, and voila!

Thanks to Hélène for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your mobiles on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!