In drawing: make a donut pencil holder!

In drawing: make a donut pencil holder!

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They are currently the big stars of "Fimo" ... We see them everywhere! We wear them on the ears, around the neck, around the finger, we also use them as key rings or bag jewelry and they make kids and adults crack. You guessed it, these are the treats in polymer clay. So like us too, we love these little sweet things that sometimes look like they are mistaken for macaroons, "Tagada" strawberries or small "LU", we thought that a nice pencil holder donut to decorate a workspace, was obviously an idea of ​​original decoration and vitamin to develop! And if, yourself, are not a fan of this kind of decoration, ask your little girl if pretty delicacies on her desk to store her school pencils would not please her ... To make this donut holder pencil, you will need: - a suitable work surface (glass cutting board for example), - polymer clay of different colors (minimum 3), - a brush (we will use its handle with a fairly fine diameter) , - a news item: 739781 cutter, - a flower cookie cutter (optional), - a roller to flatten the dough (you can use a rolling pin), - an oven, - a shiny varnish suitable for the dough polymer and a brush to apply it, - the pencil for the donut pencil holder.


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