White and wood, the winning decorative association

White and wood, the winning decorative association

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One of the strong trends of our interiors is undoubtedly the association of white with wood. Inspired by the Scandinavian style, this trend is essential both in our furniture and in the decoration of rooms in the house. Back on a winning decorative association.

Scandinavian style as inspiration

In the Scandinavian countries, wood, and particularly light wood, is at the center of the decoration to evoke the surrounding nature. Wood has the indisputable advantage of bringing a touch of warmth and conviviality in regions where winter temperatures are very cold. It is found both in furniture and in flooring with beautiful parquet floors. But to avoid the rustic effect that wood can sometimes confer, we obviously put on the clean lines and very design specific to the Scandinavian style. The atmosphere is modern and warm for an interior pleasant to live in. The second key to the Scandinavian style lies in the white color that we find associated with wood. The love for white is explained not only by the need for light in the interiors but also by the taste for pure things. White is then used for walls or curtains to illuminate interiors which sometimes lack natural light but also for furniture to ventilate the wood material. A true ally of design style, white asserts pure lines and becomes inherent in the Scandinavian style.

Decorative possibilities

Whether you live in Scandinavian countries or France, the combination of wood and white will be just as ideal for your interior thanks to almost inexhaustible decorative possibilities. In a very designer interior, you will for example choose white furniture with pure lines and you will add some decorative wooden accessories to warm the atmosphere. You can use a designer wooden clock, original vases or even a small stool or pedestal table to set the tone. Conversely, you can also add touches of white in an interior where wood is very present in the furniture. Then think of painting your walls in a bright white, add plaids and cushions and some decorative objects that will illuminate the room and give it a slight designer touch. The must decor? Riding on this sustainable trend, decoration brands like Ikéa, Fly or Alinéa now offer furniture that directly integrates this winning combination. You will thus find tables with a wooden top and a white base or the opposite, kitchens whose furniture elegantly combine color and material or even table accessories that mix wood with white dishes. Our decor tip: Play with the different materials to give depth to your decor. To respond to the raw appearance of wood, use white in softer materials such as textiles with curtains, cushions but also fake fur rugs for example.