Mistakes to avoid in the attic

Mistakes to avoid in the attic

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Often neglected, the attic is a real asset in a home. In fact, it is in this space that you can go to find additional square meters for storage but also to create a new room such as a small studio, a parental bedroom or even a games room. But before you start planning your attic, there are a few mistakes to avoid that we will list for you.

Do not neglect insulation

To be able to use the attic, insulation is essential. If you are building your house, you can opt for exterior insulation that will save space. If it is a renovation of the attic, you will have to insulate from the inside, taking care to let the roof breathe. Please be aware that glass or rock wool, extruded polystyrene or other specific materials are used for this. Thanks to good insulation, the attic will be comfortable to live in, offering a temperature that will be neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter.

Don't obscure natural light

Often dark and sloping ceilings, the attic will need light to be more pleasant! But there is no question of being satisfied with an artificial light under penalty of being able to use the new room only for storage. To bring daylight into the attic, consider installing skylights or Velux windows that will allow you to illuminate the room while taking into account its architectural specificity. These practical windows will also ventilate the space to make it viable. Small tip: the curtains will be difficult to install on roof windows, so we prefer blinds that will adapt perfectly. Finally, do not neglect artificial lighting which will be more than useful after dark or to properly illuminate the whole of this atypical space.

Do not leave the slope

The attic is often attic since they generally follow the sloping shape of the roof. Do not panic, you will still be able to arrange your space while taking into account this particularity. The sub-slopes can mainly be used for storage. You can install low storage at the end of the slope or even have custom storage tailored to your dimensions. Do not hesitate to find a useful function in low ceiling spaces such as a small reading or TV room since these activities do not require standing.

Don't see the attic as a dumping ground

Finally, do not imagine that the attic is just a room where you can pile up boxes and unused objects. On the contrary, you can really benefit from an additional room by installing a large master bedroom with a dressing room or an office. Also note that teens will be delighted to settle there to have a studio space but the little ones will also appreciate having a large playroom.