A room in neutral colors for babies

A room in neutral colors for babies

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If baby is coming or has just been born, you are certainly looking for decorating ideas for his room. If the universe of the newborn is rather related to bright and vitamin colors, we can also create a cozy nest for his child with neutral colors, that is to say all the shades from beige, white, black and gray.

Why a baby room with neutral colors?

Several arguments come in favor of a room in neutral colors for babies. If you do not know the gender of the future baby or if you do not want too marked colors like pink for girls and blue for boys, a gray or beige bedroom is unisex. Then, neutral colors have the advantage of being timeless: there will be no weariness compared to a more marked color but which can age badly. With neutral colors, the room should not be redone when baby grows. Finally, chromotherapy, which considers that each color causes a reaction of the human body, emphasizes that neutral colors have soothing properties.

How to decorate the nursery with neutral colors?

If these colors can seem at first sight without surprise and a little bland, they put forward the lines and the style of the furniture. They will therefore go perfectly with all designer furniture. At AM PM, we love the Svenn suspended cradle, which mixes cotton and natural birch. The New York brand Oeuf offers ecological furniture that combines simplicity and retro: with the Sparrow collection, you will see that neutral colors are not necessarily a sign of monotony. Finally at Vertbaudet, dress the baby bed with petal-themed linen made up of beige and white country patterns.