The essentials of a kitchen when you settle down

The essentials of a kitchen when you settle down

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It's the day of the big move, and it's the very first time that you are going to take over a kitchen just for yourself (or for your couple)! You certainly already have some very useful utensils that both have given you, but you will have to invest so that this part is operational very quickly ... Here are some ways to dig to help you remember nothing!

What you need to cook

A lot of pots, pans and oven dishes will be essential if you want to cook and simmer some good dishes. And even if you are not a big cook, the pans will be very useful for you to cook your pasta while the rest of the rice is still waiting in the fridge ... A few storage boxes (which in the microwave or freezer) will also help you store your already cooked meals.

Crockery and basic utensils

It's time to indulge yourself and choose everyday plates, cutlery, bowls, cutlery and cutlery. So bet on decorative items that will enhance your kitchen. Utensils of all kinds will also find a place in your decor as long as you choose them well matched. So you will have to think (among other things!) Of salad bowls, salad spinner, whisk, ladle, serving spoon, colander, spatulas, corkscrew, trivet, grater, cutting board and kitchen knives ... Some of these utensils can be very designer and very colorful, it is up to you to know what style you want to create in the kitchen.

A minimum of household appliances

Plan to spread out your expenses because equipping yourself with household appliances will quickly become expensive as long as you have to buy a fridge, stove and dishwasher. Apart from these large investments, think about your breakfast appliances: coffee maker, kettle and toaster. There too, you can have fun with items with a very trendy look!

Don't forget the table linen!

Tea towels, towels, potholders will be of great service to you when cooking. Match them with the colors of your kitchen, for a successful decor atmosphere!