Special camping bed linen

Special camping bed linen

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This summer, it's decided, you're going camping! So as not to forget anything, here is a checklist of essentials to slip alongside your sunscreen, beach sheets and pétanque balls!

Tent version

Do you want to live your holidays in the great outdoors and under the stars? Bet on the campsite under the tent! And to combine relaxation and pleasure, plan a suitable bed. You can for example opt for the traditional inflatable mattress, some are self-inflating, under which you will slip a waterproof floor blanket to protect you as much as possible from the humidity of the ground. Cover your mattress with a fitted sheet for more comfort and adopt the essential down. Practical and easy to use, the sleeping bag is essential. And no need to overload yourself with cushions, bolsters or even quilts, specialized manufacturers now offer duvets with all these integrated options! Their technological design even provides thermal insulation adapted to your destination.

Mobile home or motorhome version

If most of the outdoor accommodation such as the mobile home or the motorhome now offers a complete offer which includes bed linen, still plan a bare minimum. Invest in duvets with pillows and quilts built in there too. On vacation with young children, do not forget the essential draw sheet to avoid small accidents. Also opt for sleeping bags.


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