Shabby chic style for romantics

Shabby chic style for romantics

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Where does the shabby chic style come from?

The shabby chic style appeared in the 80s in the American magazine "The World of Interiors". Thereafter, the British designer expatriated in America, Rachel Ashwell will really popularize the term by creating an eponymous company. There are antique furniture and restored furniture to get a new look. Even today, Shabby chic is a renowned chain of stores.

What is shabby chic style?

Inspired by the Gustavian style, the shabby chic style finds its identity in a decoration that evokes the past. Besides, the term shabby means "worn" in English and it indicates well this style which appreciates particularly the patinated furniture and the decoration of charm. The idea is to obtain an authentic interior with vintage accents by advocating a certain femininity. The furniture is thus adorned with white paint that has weathered over time (or artificially), the furniture is salvaged for a flea market air and textiles display flowers for a touch of femininity and softness. White is the color of choice for a shabby chic decor in order to bring a clear and soft light to the rooms it dresses. There are also many pastel colors for the feminine touch in past tones like old rose. In a word, the shabby chic style is made for romantics with its cozy atmosphere and a bit British!

How to create a shabby chic style at home?

First of all, know that the shabby chic style easily finds its place in all rooms of the house and will give a spirit close to that of a holiday home thanks to its sweetness of life. In the bedroom, it will invite you to dream, in the living room it will be ideal for a snack and in the kitchen, it will bring an elegant touch. For a shabby chic style in your interior, you will have to start by equipping yourself with a can of white or beige paint to paint your walls but also your furniture. Sand your furniture and apply white paint coarsely so that the brushstrokes are visible or opt for a patina to add on the white paint. If you prefer to change your furniture, head to flea markets or decoration stores that offer aged furniture such as Maison du Monde, Home Around the World or AM.PM. Either way, choose wood. As for accessories, bet on textiles by offering English-inspired flower cushions but also curtains and plaids with quaint patterns. On the floor, again choose a light shade by opting for an aged parquet. Know that for easier installation and optimal maintenance, you can turn to a vinyl floor that will perfectly imitate an old white parquet.