What patterns to choose for the kitchen?

What patterns to choose for the kitchen?

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Even if the kitchen has to be impeccable for hygienic and functional questions, that does not prevent it from adding some fancy notes. The patterns, scattered here and there, can give your kitchen that little extra decor that it may lack. A quick overview of the most suitable patterns for this room in the house.

How to add patterns to your kitchen?

Even if your fitted kitchen is solid in color, you still have plenty of room to add patterns. On the floor, you can play the originality card with PVC plastic tiles or linoleum which today offer very modern patterns like at Around The Wall. On the walls, you are spoiled for choice between a splashback, stickers, paintings or even curtains. Finally you also have the solution of equipping yourself with household appliances already adorned with patterns such as the Aga cooking piano in multicolored polka dots.

Plant patterns

One of the most obvious motives for the kitchen is the vegetable motif because it goes well with the function of the room which is to work the products of the earth. The theme is also available because it can be spring with flowers, culinary with aromatic herbs or even Zen with water lilies and bamboo.

Gourmet patterns

The other trend for cooking is to choose gourmet patterns that will inspire you and whet your appetite. For a girly atmosphere, try the patterns with cakes, cupcakes and macaroons. If you want something more discreet, opt for the stickers with cooking recipe. Finally, in the trompe l'oeil spirit, you also have the kitchen utensils that come to mix with your real utensils.