Video: maintain your flower beds

Video: maintain your flower beds

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Growing flower beds in your garden can be a way to enhance your space, if you keep them to a minimum. For this, nothing beats the advice of a professional. Fabrice Doornaert, gardener, shares some tips for making them clean and graceful. Take a look at it, on video!

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Weed control

The first step is to eliminate all the weeds growing inside your bedding. As soon as you spot one, take a small shovel and go find the roots in the ground to remove the entire plant. Using only the leaves would be useless, the weed would grow back as quickly.

Prune branches

Once everything has been properly cleaned, work must be done to reduce the volumes. Here it all depends on what you are looking for. Some will favor aesthetics, others the functional. In all cases, use a pruner that you have disinfected. Whenever you cut a stem, try to cut it as close to the base as possible so as not to leave a branch without flowers. This type of pruning can allow you to clear the space but also to bring out smaller plants which are also part of your flower bed.

Digging and cutting

All you have to do is turn the earth using a shovel. This operation does not require going too deep. Its only purpose is to aerate the substrate and to irrigate the plants more easily during watering or rainy episodes. All you have to do is create the cut. The goal is to dig a light furrow all around the massif in order to mark it well. You can do this monthly or bi-monthly. You now know how to take care of the flower beds in your garden. By maintaining them regularly, you can beautify your spaces and make beautiful plants cohabit all year! Find Maintain a massif on Produced by Minute Facile.