Focus on Chilean women

Focus on Chilean women

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The Chilean, also known as a deckchair or lounge chair, is the ideal companion for summer naps in the garden. With a very simple design (a wooden frame and a fabric canvas), this garden furniture has the advantage of being timeless and to match all styles. Here is a selection of deckchairs that make you want to lie in the garden.

United spirit for my Chilean

Why make things complicated when you can make them simple? Since a Chilean chair is above all a deckchair which rests on very few elements, one can also play the card of lightness and discretion by choosing a plain canvas, matching the already existing garden furniture. And to stay in the trend of summer 2012, you can also opt for a Chilean in bright colors, almost fluorescent: Leroy Merlin thus offers Chilean with canvases in anise, turquoise or fuchsia colors (€ 24.90).

Striped mind

In the stripes spirit, you will find at Artiga, the Basque linen specialist, Chileans with very colorful striped fabrics (105 €). At Alpina Garden, the stripe is offset for a more modern effect (from € 30). Finally, at Castorama, there is a Chilean with the famous navy stripe in blue. Original spirit 727Sailbags is a company that creates decorative objects from recycled boat sails: you can choose your Chilean from the models offered (€ 219) but also imagine your own custom chilean by deciding on the color and finishes (from 249 €). Finally at Truffaut, we see life in a big way either with the double Chilean for two people (99 €), or with the XXL Chilean 90 cm wide (105 €).


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