A better secure home

A better secure home

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Burglaries and burglaries keep increasing every year. While it is impossible to prevent them completely, certain measures nevertheless make it possible to better secure one's home and reduce the risks. The point on the basic precautions to implement to have a (roughly) peace of mind.

Find the Achilles tendon of the house

A house may well be well equipped in terms of security, if there remains a weak element, this is where burglars will infiltrate, be sure. For example a small window without bars at the back of the house, a skylight accessible by the roof and not equipped with security closing, a garage door which has play… Think of everything and reinforce these weak points.

Secure doors

For the front door, opt for an armored model with multi-point lock and burglar-resistant angle. And it's even better if you equip it with a stacker and a peephole. Think of the secondary doors which must also be secured. Certainly, you cannot put armored doors. So add locks. Regarding patio doors and sliding doors, you can secure them by sliding a thin metal bar into the frame to block the opening. And better to add shutters.

Secure windows and shutters

On the ground floor, choose windows with burglar-proof glazing. You can also install bars. Roof windows, for their part, must be fitted with a safety closing system. If these windows overlook the attic, lock the door between the attic and the rest of the house on several levels.

Secure the interior of the house

An alarm signal is always a deterrent. If possible, call a professional who will choose the best locations for the detectors. Do not try to hide alarm sirens or video cameras. Just by seeing them, some burglars will give up trying to break into your home. A safe in the house, which you will seal in the wall if possible, is also a good way to protect your jewelry and valuables.

Secure the exterior of the house

In the garden, consider equipping your lights with motion detectors. Thus, they will light up as soon as someone passes in their field. And equip your gate with an audio or video doorman. You will reduce the risk of anyone entering your garden.

Anticipate departures on vacation

Finally, when you go on vacation, don't hesitate to ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house. For example, he can regularly open the shutters and pick up the mail so as not to suggest that the house is empty.