What is the merule?

What is the merule?

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Answer: a fungus that eats your wood from the inside.

It develops in the dark of unventilated rooms where there is wet wood. The merule is a lignivorous fungus which can literally invade the woods of the house: frame then floors, partitions, stairs, plinths, etc. If the merule only attacks wood and not masonry, this parasitic fungus can cause serious damage by rotting and digging crevices until the wood crumbles. It can also have consequences on health: allergies or respiratory problems. The presence of merule can be detected by attacked wood with a mushroom odor, beams (or other) covered with white filaments, or even deformed pieces of wood. It then becomes urgent to call in a specialist who alone will be able to determine the extent of the invasion and provide appropriate treatment. You too, send us your DIY question.