What to choose between a mobile monobloc and wall mounted air conditioning?

What to choose between a mobile monobloc and wall mounted air conditioning?

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Answer: one-piece mobile air conditioning for the price, wall-mounted for its performance.

Monobloc air conditioning is especially useful in small spaces, less than 30 m². It is perfect for small apartments or for additional air conditioning. There are two types of monobloc air conditioning, the portable air conditioner and the wall air conditioner. The mobile monobloc air conditioning is mounted on casters, so you can move it easily. Plus, it's the cheaper of the two. The monobloc wall mounted air conditioning can be fitted or fixed to a wall or a window. It is considered to be more efficient, hence a higher price. So, if you are looking for flexible, modular and inexpensive air conditioning, choose mobile monobloc air conditioning. If on the contrary, you would like a higher quality air conditioning, and a permanent solution, this is the monobloc wall air conditioning that you need.


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