Which VMC to choose for a hammam, a sauna?

Which VMC to choose for a hammam, a sauna?

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Answer: a CMV with an extraction capacity of 20 m3 per person per hour for a hammam (+ for a public hammam), a CMV withstanding high temperatures for a sauna (50 ° and more).

For a hammam, where the humidity level sometimes reaches 100%, it is necessary to choose a VMC which is adapted to the needs of the room. It goes without saying that a standard single flow CMV is not suitable. The CMV must accept a very high level of humidity, it is imperative. The VCM ducts should be mounted vertically when possible, or with a slight horizontal slope to evacuate the water from the condensation. In terms of flow, there is an extraction capacity of 20 cubic meters per person per hour. If the hammam is general public, think big, very big. For a sauna, which diffuses dry heat, know that the CMV is not essential. For this part, you must choose a VMC that withstands high temperatures exceeding 50 ° C. Given these specific needs, you will no doubt have to go through a specialist.