What type of CMV is the most economical?

What type of CMV is the most economical?

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Answer: single-flow VMC on purchase, long-term double-flow VMC.

For new housing, the most economical CMV is by far the single-flow CMV, in particular the so-called self-adjusting model. In any case, during the purchase and installation. But we must also take into account the energy savings made possible by the double-flow CMV, especially when it is associated with a heat pump. In the long term, it is likely that double flow is still a better investment than single flow. It all depends, therefore, on whether you are looking to make short-term savings, or if you are thinking over several years. For old housing under renovation, the VMR or VMP models (prohibited in the new) are very affordable from a financial point of view, and represent an interesting choice when installing a standard CMV poses a problem. You too, send us your brico question