What are the disadvantages of single flow CMV?

What are the disadvantages of single flow CMV?

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Answer: drafts and door slams as well as lower efficiency with other types of CMVs.

The disadvantages of single-flow CMV vary slightly depending on the model. The self-regulating single-flow VCM tends to cause drafts and door slams, and does not take into account the ambient humidity in the home, resulting in lower ventilation efficiency than other types of ventilation. VMC. The hydroregulable single flow CMV is more expensive than the self-regulating, but is not as energy efficient as the double flow. Equipped with air inlets, single flow CMVs (self-regulating or water-regulating) do not offer sound insulation against noise coming from outside, especially in busy streets, and they cause significant wastage of heating. In winter, when temperatures are very low, the arrival of cold air in the home near the windows can become very unpleasant. You too, send us your brico question