What are the essential tools for laying tiles?

What are the essential tools for laying tiles?

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Answer: measuring and tracing tools and materials for gluing and laying tiles.

To be sure to lay your tiles on the floor or on the walls in the best conditions, you must prepare everything you need. On the one hand, measuring and tracing tools are needed (the meter, a pencil, a tracing cord, the spirit level). On the other hand, you need the material for gluing and laying the tiles. Either a container to prepare the glue, a trowel to apply it on the floor or on the wall, as well as a notched spatula to spread it well. Then, you have to think of the inevitable cuts, which will be made using a tile cutting machine (and a tungsten carbide tip). Finally, once all the tiles are installed, you will need to make the joints. You will therefore need joint mortar, as well as sponges and rags. You too, send us your brico question