Video: a house-shaped shelf for the child's bedroom

Video: a house-shaped shelf for the child's bedroom

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After the doll houses, it is the turn of the storage shelves to transform into a "little house" in the children's room. A wooden box and a medium board form the four walls and the roof of this adorable creation, here is the step-by-step video.

Watch the video :

Level: easy Completion time : 3 hrs Indicative cost: 30 € Necessary material : a wooden wine case + a medium board + a decopatch sheet

Step 1: make the roof of the house

- Measure the depth of the body: 20 cm - Note the middle of the length of the body: 25 cm - Transfer the 20 cm depth to the medium board - Transfer half the length of the body plus 10 cm, or 35 cm - Saw to obtain 2 boards of the same size - Bevel a slice of each board for a good hold on the body - Place the boards on the body - Screw brackets on the boards to connect them and create a roof - Nail the roof to the body

Step 2: customize the house shelf

- Paint the interior walls in green split pea - Paint the exterior in anthracite gray - After having left to dry for 2 hours, take the dimensions of the interior of the box and transfer them to a decopatch sheet - Cut out the decopatch sheet with a cutter - Apply spray glue to the sheet and place it at the bottom of the box The decor idea: choose the decopatch sheet according to the colors of your child's room so that the shelf is in complete harmony with the existing decor. Shopping: Duvet cover and pillowcase Vitamine Black, ALINEA Gray multicolor plaid Birgit, IKEA Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi