Eating in the kitchen: instructions for use

Eating in the kitchen: instructions for use

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The kitchen is a separate room, a place that exudes conviviality and symbolizes the warmth of the home, not to mention that you often smell delicious fragrances. No wonder then that we spend so much time in this space, at the same time leaving the dining room. So much so that some people choose to eat there. How to integrate a dining area in your kitchen, we tell you everything!

Small kitchen

Even if your kitchen is small, there are tricks to create a dining area without using a lot of space. You can for example use a folding wall table. Combined with folding chairs, this table will make itself invisible once the meal is finished. Another solution is to install a very deep wall shelf that can be used for storage but also as a side table with a bar stool.

Medium kitchen

Your kitchen has good dimensions but not enough room for a table? In this case, think of the furniture that can be used both as elements for the kitchen and dining area. The island can be separated, with the water point on one side and the dining area on the other. The same goes for the bar cabinet which can be transformed into a worktop or a snack bar as you wish. The only concern is that these solutions generally need to be planned when the kitchen is designed.

Big kitchen

If your kitchen is large enough to install a table, there is no problem a priori. Just make sure that the table is very resistant because it will often be used as a work surface and therefore risks being a little roughed up. And to keep the warm side of the kitchen, we think of kitchen benches.


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