5 express ideas to turn a palette into decorative furniture

5 express ideas to turn a palette into decorative furniture

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Since furniture creators have diverted handling pallets into benches, coffee tables or coat racks, they seem to be as much anchored in the "decor recovery" movement as in the storage of goods. No way then to let slip this trend to which we attribute a triple E: ecological, economic, elementary! It remains to choose the furniture that we want to build within the following ideas, a selection that does not even involve dismantling the pallet (s)!

A coffee table

Better than a purchased coffee table, the pallet version coffee table is suitable for serious budgets and artist souls wishing to integrate the recycling style at home. The user manual ? Join two of identical size using a drill and nails, then attach to the back of one of them, 6 furniture wheels to steal on the side of Leroy Merlin. The little extra? Repaint the whole by choosing a color in accordance with the decor of the living room!

A bench

To improvise a bench seat in two three-movement movements, in your home sweet home or in your vacation rental, nothing like pallets! 4 pallets are superimposed by pair of two, before placing the two blocks formed one next to the other. Then, we strap everything (the pallets superimposed one on the other, then the two blocks created) and we dress it with foam for the comfort aspect, then with a beautiful fabric for the decorative aspect . Lacks the final touch: populate the seat with decorative cushions to accentuate its cozy look.

A headboard

Fancy a headboard but no budget for? The handling palette comes to the rescue! First step: the makeover of two palettes, the idea being to repaint them. But if we want to create a disproportionate effect, we opt more for three palettes. Knowing that a classic model generally measures 80 by 120 cm, three pallets aligned side by side make it possible to create a headboard of 3.60 m in length, therefore extending well beyond the frame of the mattress. Next step: link these pallets using a drill and nails, then place the long, rectangular mass behind the bed. Surprising as this creation costing three times nothing caused a sensation in the room!

A coat rack

Very simple to make, the pallet hanger takes shape after having fixed, using a drill and screws, hooks (as wall hooks) on its wooden planks. As such, each elects his personal touch by wisely aligning each hook or on the contrary by fixing them in a destructured way. It only remains to pierce the wall to plant two large nails with which the palette will stand alone on the wall, and voila.

A desk

Even the workspace adheres to the pallet version trend. The necessary equipment ? 3 pallets, two of which are placed on the floor vertically along their entire length, spacing them so as to form the support for the tray. The third will come to rest, horizontally, on the first two to form said desk top. Then, the structure is fixed and reinforced (always using a drill and screws) before placing a board (wooden, glass, etc.) on the tray. It's your turn !


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