Perigot - When utilitarian design becomes an art

Perigot - When utilitarian design becomes an art

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Frédéric Perigot has something to be proud of: his eponymous brand has become - in almost 20 years - a benchmark in terms of storage, home organization and travel accessories. At the origin of the project, a mad desire to make everyday objects glamorous and design. Successful bet for this graphic design enthusiast, who knew how to dust off the world of drugstores and bring a touch of luxury, never seen before. Perigot is today an essential brand whose watchwords - innovation and aesthetics - are more relevant than ever.

History of an art

Frédéric Perigot is a household artist, and he claims it. Tidying up, cleaning and organizing are now raised to the rank of art of living thanks to its creativity. The Perigot brand now offers more than 1000 original and fun references in the drugstore sector: each of them is designed to be used with happiness. As he himself affirms, "Drugstore was a punitive sector. We transformed it into a pleasure purchase. We had to play down, clear these objects." To get there, the journey was studious and eclectic: after several years in the press (at Maison Française, Maisons & Jardins…), Frédéric opened his marketing agency in the United States, where he learned about "starification" " Objects. With his experience across the Atlantic, he decided to open his first luxury hardware store in Paris in 1995. Very quickly, some of his creations became bestsellers! Thus the "chrome bucket" is promoted to the rank of an art object and acclaimed by the big names in fashion and design: Pierre Bergé uses it as a vase, Christian Lacroix as a champagne bucket and it serves as a basket at Philippe Starck!

"A place for everything and everything in its place"

The Perigot catalog has grown over the years, without ever losing its originality. All the brand's products are divided into 4 categories: "Just clean" (absolutely everything to clean your home sweet home), "Bio-techno" (each product has a technical tip), "Thermal" (products related to bathroom and toilet), "Ultra-light" (storage and organization of the wardrobe) and "Mobile Home" (practical and smart travel). Very graphic, Perigot accessories are designed to be seen; it is no coincidence that some of them are sold at MoMa and at the Center Georges Pompidou! But it is true that getting the hardware out of the closet and revamping Grandmother's feather duster ... remains an art.