In a family stay: the 5 ideas to remember

In a family stay: the 5 ideas to remember

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The editorial staff wanted to freeze images in front of this atmosphere which combines the warmth of a family stay without forgetting to be practical and decorative.

Idea n ° 1: colors that soften manners

We knew that color influenced moods so use it at home. Clear and in slightly pastel tones, the colors calm and make you want to linger in the room.

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Idea n ° 2: modular furniture

The choice of furniture is very important in a living room, especially when it must adapt to all ages of your tribe. Also, favor tables on casters. Mobile, they can be moved according to everyone's activities.

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Idea n ° 3: the same space which brings together several activities

Not all members of the same family have the same interests. To do this, book several activities in your room. Library area for reading, music area for listening or playing the piano, small desk for surfing the Internet or dining table for dining all together.

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Idea n ° 4: multifunctional furniture

Here, the office also serves as a console: there is a notebook and pens to write the shopping list. The dining table turns into a game table for teens.

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Idea n ° 5: well demarcated areas

Create areas using carpets to identify living space for example or by painting standard kitchen cabinets in untreated wood to store while making your wall attractive.

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